Iranian Osetra Caviar Characteristics

Delightfully more charming, find a wonderful mix of spirited buttery tones that coordinate a particularly nutty flavor. Iranian Osetra caviar is rich in character and the height of earthly delights.  Also, Osetra has been the favorite delicacy of Russia among all countries.


The Facts about Osetra Caviar


Osetra’s ubiquity is hailed by the sturgeon family as the “Brilliant Child.”
  • Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii, the known Osetra sturgeon, weighs between fifty and two hundred kilos.
  • the characteristics embody which is in caviar Beluga and Sevruga, making the other two a great introduction

The Facts about Osetra Caviar


  • Pure gastronomic refinement is embodied in Osetra caviar.
  • The best Osetra got pronounced grains of pearlescent.
  • Our Iranian osetra caviar sturgeon got to develop for up to 10 a long time, giving an appealingly ripe feel.


  • It has exemplary regal overtones similar to Beluga on the tongue.
  • It offers a magical blend of fresh, subtle, and distinct flavors.
  • What takes the lead is its deliciously nutty taste.

Producing Gods’ Ambrosia

A breath of clean sea discusses, penetrated by Harvest time sensations, our Iranian Osetra caviar offers an interesting and strenuous experience for those of you who are seeking out for a spotless combination of Beluga and Sevruga. Osetra is genuinely incomprehensible to stand up to from its golden hazy gossamer to its delightfully expressed taste and its enchantingly delicate however firm texture.

Our Iranian Osetra caviar is capable of growing to maturity. So, it indulges in a wealth of vital nutrients and minerals. For almost 250 million years they formed part of the precious ecosystem of the Caspian Sea.

Breeding the sturgeons in their natural territory gives a taste and characteristic that using other methods one simply cannot achieve. For here you will experience a symphony of sensations, something that Shah and Sultans have experienced for centuries past as well.

Working with local fishermen and highly skilled craftsmen, we grow our Iranian Osetra caviar sustainably in the fresh waters of the Caspian Sea on Iran ‘s shores.

We are carefully and smoothly extricating the eggs. We extract them when the sturgeons come to the precise development level. These consumable gems accomplished taste and dietary agreement.


Nutritional Benefits of Iranian Osetra Caviar

Nutritional Benefits of Iranian Osetra Caviar

Our pure and unhybridized Osetra sturgeons, retaining their ancient revitalizing qualities. So, it renowned and sorted by the world’s top chefs and caviar connoisseurs. Because they contain all of the key ingredients for a healthy body.

Nutritional Benefits of Iranian Osetra Caviar

A mass 1g of our Iranian Osetra caviar will discharge into your body a plenitude of nutritional goodness.

Our Osetra is stuffed with Protein, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Magnesium, and Selenium. Additionally, it has a wonderful source of Riboflavin, Pantothenic Corrosive, and Phosphorus.